Brief History :- Sant Tulsi Sahab Ji
Hazur Maharaj Soami Ji
Hazur Maharaj Baba Jaimal Singh Ji
Hazur Maharaj Baba Sawan Singh Ji
Hazur Maharaj Baba Channan Singh Ji
Hazur Maharaj Baba Amir Singh Ji

History of Radha Soami MattIt is after the misapperance of Shabad after the Bhakti Movement started by Kabir Sahib and Guru Nanak Dev Ji,once again secret of Shabad and Nam repeatedly said in the holy Guru Granth Sahib Ji was explained and tought to the sangat by Sant Tulsi Das Ji in the early days of Ninteenth Century at Hath Ras and was taken forward giving new heights by the great Disciple Hazur Soami Ji who established his Dera at Panni Gali Agra. Thereafter Hazur Maharaj Baba Jaimal Singh Ji after a great Search of Complete Guru reached in the Darbar of Soami Ji got his blessings and established his dera at Beas Popularly known as Dera Baba Jaimal Singh Ji. Thereafter the Great Master Sant Baba Sawan Singh Ji took over the rein of holy thorne in 1903 and spreaded over the message of Shabad and Nam all over the world for a long period of Forty Five years,thereby giving nam to more than One Lakh Persons and created more Sants and today more than 10 Crores of people have faith in Radha Soami.

HAZUR MAHARAJ BABA CHANNAN SINGH JIThe Great Master Maharaj Baba Sawan Singh Jee imparted spiritual training to so many of his disciples making them the complete Saints during his ministry of 45 years w.e.f. 1903 to 1948. One of his great disciples was Baba Channan Singh Jee who was born on the day of Ram Navami in the month of October 1917 in village Saidpur situated at the distance of just 18 k.m. from Dera Beas. Baba Jee was born in a middle class peasant family. His fathers S. Buta Singh & Mother Mata Saintee were also the disciples of the great master Maharaj Sawan Singh Jee who used to visit the village Saidpur every month and delivered holy lecture (Satsang) to the sangat who had a lot of love and affection for their Guru.

In the age of 11 years a thirst of love broke out in the heart of Baba Channan Singh Jee who bowed down his head in the feet of Great Guru Baba Sawan Singh Jee & begged for showing him the path of soul purification to attain salvation and eternal peace. There only Maharaj Sawan Singh Jee gave the Guru - Mantra i.e. Nam-Daan to Baba Channan Singh Jee. After seeking Nam Daan Baba Jee meditated so vigorously and devoted so deeply in the love of Guru that in a very Small Period he became the master of senses and thereafter left for Dera Beas in the services of his great Guru who advised him to go to Sirsa Sikanderpur for doing the sewa in the Agriculture field which are the property of Dera Beas. Baba Jee remained in Sirsa Sikanderpur for 8 years and worked so sincerely and hard that he won the heart of his Guru Maharaj Sawan Singh Jee. Who once was very happy and said, “Channan Singh, I am very happy you have passed all the tests. Your journey from Sadhu to Saint is Complete. You can go back to your village. Your dera is your home. Go there and show the spiritual path to the common sangat. Taking the blessings of his Guru, Baba Jee came back to his native village Saidpur. To earn the live hood Baba Jee started his profession as an Agriculturist. Cultivation of vegetables and selling them in the market was his main source of income. For the rest of the time Baba Jee either remained in meditation or remained associated with his Guru brother Baba Teja Singh Jee who too was a Complete Saint and happened to live in a Dera situated in the Same Village Saidpur. Baba Teja Singh took the Samadhi and left for heavenly abode in the month of March 1967 and thereafter Baba Channan Singh Jee started routine Satsang. He gave Nam Daan to about 3000 souls in his life time. In the year of 1982 Baba Jee laid the foundation of Dera at Sekhewal in Distt. Ludhiana. That too is the personal property of Baba Jee. Baba Jee took the Selfdecided Samadhi on 22 Nov. 2002 at Ludhiana in Punjab leaving behind thousands of Sangat in Grief and Sorrow. The most Significant contribution which the Baba Jee made was that in his own life time Baba Jee announced his successor saying the following couplets, “that Maharaj Amir Singh is my successor whosoever shall have faith and love him as I am being loved shall get four times spiritual benefits which the sangat is receiving from my darbar” giving the Sangat a clear Message and Passage for Choosing the Path of self-realization and eternal salvation. Today Sangat is happy getting the blessings from the present Ministry, “his holiness Maharaj Amir Singh Jee”.